Escape Plan – The Extractors

After touring factory locations in Mansfield, Ohio for her father’s company, Hong Kong-based Zhang Innovations, Daya Zhang and her entourage are abducted by mercenaries despite her bodyguard & head of security Bao Yung attempting to fight them off. The kidnappers leave Yung, unconscious with a USB flash drive addressed to security expert Ray Breslin.

In Los Angeles, Breslin crosses paths with Shen Lo a former bodyguard who used to work under Zhang Innovations; both men are on the trail of Daya’s father Wu Zhang, whose company is responsible for building covert prisons around the world. They meet with Breslin’s associates – his girlfriend Abigail, Hush, and Jules – when Yung arrives with the flash drive. It contains a video message from Lester Clark, Jr., Daya’s kidnapper and the son of Breslin’s corrupt former partner; in business with Zhang, Lester, Sr. betrayed Breslin and was sent to his death.

Breslin reaches out to Trent DeRosa, and they trace the video to a prison compound in Latvia known as “Devil’s Station”. Abigail is also abducted, and Wu, having arrived in Mansfield to meet with police, receives a video call from Lester. Seeking revenge for his father’s downfall, Lester demands a $700 million ransom, and executes a hostage. Breslin, DeRosa, Jules, Shen, and Yung depart for Latvia to rescue Daya and Abigail.

When Lester threatens the prisoners, Daya’s colleague Wong agrees to give him access to Zhang’s technology, but another hostage is killed. Hush surveils the prison by drone, and its thermal imaging camera reveals Lester has created his own black site. Breslin infiltrates the compound through the sewers while Shen and Yung approach the outer walls. Alerted to their presence, Lester leaves Daya atop the wall as bait. Shen tries to hold position and wait for Breslin after realizing its a trap, but Yung charges recklessly ahead against Shen’s protests, and he and Shen are subdued by land mines and captured. Lester reveals the flash drive was a tracker that led his men to Abigail, and deduces that Shen and Daya are in love. He shoots Yung, and taunts Breslin by video call, cutting Abigail’s throat.

Breslin proceeds through the compound, killing Lester’s henchmen including Frankie and Sonny. Shen steals a guard’s stun gun as he is taken to the cells, using it to start a fire; he melts his restraints and subdues the guards in the smoke. He frees Daya, but they are confronted by more guards. DeRosa arrives, killing the guards with incendiary rounds. In the ensuing chaos, Derosa kills Ralf (one of Lester’s top henchmen) in a brutal fist fight and Shen kills Silva (another of Lester’s top henchmen) in a brutal hand to hand fight while rescuing Daya and Wong (Daya’s friend and Zhang Innovations technology analyst). Trapped in a shootout with Lester in the upper cells, Breslin is wounded and disarmed, but manages to overpower Lester before telling him that killing Abigail tore him apart and slits his throat, telling him it felt like that. Breslin ends up throwing him off the walkway, avenging Abigail.

Returning to Mansfield, Daya coldly greets her father, now aware of the true nature of his business, before leaving with Shen. DeRosa comforts Breslin over Abigail’s death, urging him to forgive himself and Breslin decides to retire.

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